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From Drab to Fab | Witness an Expert Colour Transformation

November 17, 2022

Inside award-winning salon D&J Ambrose in Pinner, creative artist Alex Lord talks us through her expert colour transformation: 

While my client had a natural root level 8, the mid-lengths and ends were bleached level 11 and highly sensitised. After multiple applications of lightener, highlights, scalp bleach and various toners, the client wanted to revert to a shade closer to her natural base tone, without being too warm and still maintaining some lightness around the face for a more flattering, contoured effect.

From Drab to Fab | Witness an Expert Colour Transformation 1

Step 1: 

The Client has 0% grey, so for the root application we opted for a semi-permanent colour. We used L’Oréal Professionnel DiaRichesse 7 and Dia Activator 9vol. 

Step 2: 

For the mid-lengths and ends, we used a reverse balayage technique. Unlike most light-to-dark transitions, the client still wanted to have some lightness remaining, which meant rethinking the traditional pre-pigmentation option. To lift areas back out after pre-pigmenting was not an option, due to the condition of the client’s hair. 

As we were only dropping three levels to a 7, I used a mixing technique I had learnt whilst working with L’Oréal Professionnel. This involved using DiaRichesse and applying the colour change rules of half dream shade, shared with one quarter base and one quarter filler shade (pre-pig tone): B7 + FS7.30 + DS 7.23 9vol. Some sections were dragged completely form root to tip, others were filtered to around mid or ¾ of the way down the section. 

Step 3: 

Development time is just 20 minutes. By using this colour change formula rule, both salon and client time is spared, making this an ideal technique to keep busy clients happy and to allow for a quicker turnaround on the salon floor. 

Step 4: 

Still being mindful of delivering the best result, as well as the best care, we opted to tone with L’Oréal Professionnel DiaLight, which uses acid technology to seal in colour and tone, whilst still giving an even result on more sensitised areas. We opted for shades 10.32 + 9vol Dia Activator, for control purposes over 6vol. This was followed with L’Oréal Professionnel Vitamino Color Acidic Sealer.

Step 5: 

We applied L’Oréal Professionnel Vitamino 10-in-1 Spray before styling to protect and smooth the hair, then finished using Kerastase Elixir Serum and Tecni.Art Ring Light Shine Spray. 

Watch the From Drab to Fab | Toning Colour Result Video

Watch the From Drab to Fab | A Colour Transformation