Getting the perfect canvas for styling

How to get hair in it’s best condition quickly and easily – By Sally Brooks & Team FABRIQ

You will need

Step 1


Giselle has fine hair, but a lot of it. Her hair is healthy, but lacking in shine and as she is a model, her hair always needs to be in the best condition. We selected Fabriq’s Quick Fix ReBuild to strengthen the hair, allowing it to unleash its natural shine.

Step 2
CLEANSE Using the Build shampoo we shampooed Giselle’s hair twice, and then rinsed without combing through.
Step 3
APPLY We then massaged a pinch of Quick Fix ReBuild into the hair in 2-3cm sections, combing through as we go.
Step 4
DRY Then we dried Giselle’s hair on a medium heat without using a brush. The proteins in Quick Fix reach their maximum efficiency as they’re dried in, so we made sure her hair was 100% dry before moving on.
Step 5
RINSE It was then time to go back to the backwash and give Giselle’s hair a thorough rinse.
Step 6
FINISH OFF On Giselle’s towel dried hair we began gently twisting medium sized sections of hair with our hands in different directions. We clipped different sections into shape using flat clips to define the movement we wanted.
Step 7
TEXTURE We dried the hair off for a second time combining natural air drying and a sock diffuser to give a soft, feminine feel with effortless, natural volume. Now that Giselle’s hair is in its ultimate condition, it allows us to style her hair really easily.   TO LEARN MORE CLICK HERE