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Discover the ‘Secret Sauce’ for Successful Salons

May 10, 2024

Renowned for the Fantastic Hairdresser brand, Alan Austin-Smith is set to travel the UK and Ireland hosting one-day seminars designed to reveal the winning formula for running a successful salon business. The educational sessions will focus on the two key ingredients needed to create ‘the secret sauce’: passion and profit.

Passionate Profit will tour major cities nationwide with the first in Glasgow on 22nd May and the final in Cambridge on 12th November. Exploring the idea that successful businesses cannot thrive on passion alone – but that solely focusing on profit won’t inspire a team either! – the event will illustrate how combining the two factors, passion AND profit, creates a ‘secret sauce’ that forms the magic ingredient of successful businesses.

The tour will see Alan examine the pitfalls of passion-only businesses, revealing why relying solely on passion can lead to burnout. He’ll also share his insight into the dangers of profit-driven approaches without genuine passion, and how this can affect your team’s motivation and your salon’s long-term success. The seminar will include advice on how to successfully merge the two elements to strike the perfect harmony between passion AND profit, creating a salon that not only thrives financially, but one that is also a fulfilling and inspiring workspace.

A business needs to be profitable enough to do two things’ says Alan. ‘It needs to reinvest in the business as well as benefit the owner. If the business isn’t profitable enough to do both, it can lead to tiredness, stress and a lack of balance. In this situation, something will need to change – my seminar is designed to teach you how to achieve exactly this.

The tour is sponsored by Floomly, a new salon software offering a results-focused package and 30 years of hairdressing knowledge.The partnership with Floomly is a natural pairing, reflecting the built-in coaching service offered as standard by the new software. Created for anyone working in a hairdressing environment – namely salon owners, salon managers, stylists and front of house teams – Floomly’s considered approach eradicates some of the most common software tech-aches,’ comments Sam Austin-Smith, CEO and founder of Floomly.

‘Passionate Profit: The secret sauce of all successful salons’ will run on the following dates throughout 2024. All seminars will run from 10.30am – 4pm, costing £125 plus VAT.

22nd May: Glasgow
24th June: Harrogate
26th June: Dartford Crossing
16th September: Bristol
17th September: London
28th October: Dublin
30th October: Manchester
11th November: Leicester
12th November: Cambridge

For tickets, visit: Passionate Profit Tour Tickets 2024