Long Hair Reshape and Blow-Dry by Brandon Messinger

You will need

Tools and Equipment

Denman Power Paddle

Denman Head Huggers

Denman Tangle Tamer

Step 1

On freshly washed hair, take a section from ear to ear and then divide the front in two from the first section to the front hair line as shown. 

Step 2

Lift the first section forward from the central front section and create a triangular cutting guide that runs from short to long. 

Step 3

Over direct each subsequent section back to the central guide. Work methodically through each side. This creates natural movement and adds shape the length. 

Step 4

Take a small triangular section from the previously cut hair at the crown as shown. This creates a guide for the back.

Step 5

Section off through the centre to the nape as your new guide. 

Step 6

Continue using a triangular cutting line from your length up to the short point of your guide. 

Step 7

Using your previously cuit guides pivot around the head shape and overdirect to the previously cut sections as the head rounds. 

Step 8

Wrap dry using a Denman Power Paddle and smooth the ends. 

Step 9

Cross check the cut and fan out sections to point cut the ends for softness. To finish use small thermo ceramic Denman Head Huggers in fine tight sections all the way up the head to promote a bouncy deep waved texture. The shape was brushed out using a Denman Tangle Tamer for a weightless wave. 



by Brandon Messinger @brandonmessingerhair using @denmanpro