Get the London look | Andis International Artistic Team

Andis has launched a new educational step by step collection featuring five versatile looks available on  FLUID Vol. 3 is led by Andis International Artistic Team Lead Kevin Luchmun. 

Here he demonstrates one of the looks The London Crop:

The London Crop combines elements of precision cutting and sharp detailing. Created using a soft clipper fade throughout the sides and back, this look finishes with a bold, detailed front fringe that demands attention.

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You will need

Tools or products

Andis Master® Cordless Clipper

Andis GTX-EXO™ Trimmer

Step 1
Use an Andis Master® Cordless Clipper, and with the blade closed, cut clipper-over-comb on the curve of the head to create the initial guide.
Step 2

Next, use a #2 attachment comb and remove the hair below the previously cut guideline to create the canvas to start the fade.

Step 3

Switch to a #1.5 attachment comb and open the blade to start descending the fade below the previously cut section.

Step 4

Continue descending the fade using a #0.5 attachment comb with blade closed, cutting below the previously cut section using a C-stroke motion.

Step 5

Remove the attachment comb and begin fading to a smooth transition at the nape area. Start with the blade in the open position, gradually working your way to a closed blade. 

Step 6

Repeat this same fading process on the sides.

Step 7

With the Andis GTX-EXO™ Trimmer, start to remove the hair around the perimeter.

Step 8

Cut clipper-over-finger or use shears to connect the top and back areas using diagonal sections, working with a low elevation to maintain the length at the crown.

Step 9

Then take horizontal sections to connect to the guide on the curve of the head, still working with a low elevation.

Step 10

Blow dry the hair, using fingers and a brush to help add volume at the roots.

Step 11

Use the GTX-EXO trimmer and visually cut the front fringe to the desired length.

Step 12

Finish styling with product to enhance the texture.

Andis International Artistic Team Lead by Kevin Luchmun.