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Step 1

STEP 1: Section the hair as shown.

STEP 2: Start in the back taking a middle section 90°elevation creating your guide line.

STEP 3: Take the line to either side in the same angle.

STEP 4: Personalise the contour.

STEP 5: Open the top section and and connect with the back starting at the crown.

STEP 6: Continue in the same way to the front and connect to the sides.

STEP 7: Take horizontal section on the top and personalise using point cut.

STEP 8: Cut fringe slightly below eyebrow.

STEP 9: Personalise and soften sides and back either with the clipper or Thinning scissors.

STEP 10: Personalise and texturize the top.

Step 2

STEP 1: Section off the hair as shown.

STEP 2: Start on the front using Colour A in a freehand technique.

STEP 3: Continue in the same routine on the whole top.

STEP 4: Let the colour develop for up to 40 minutes, rinse thoroughly and use Indola Care to finish the process.

Step 3

STEP 1: Apply ACT NOW! Moisture Spray on damp hair in sections.

STEP 2: Blow dry the hair with paddle brush.

STEP 3: Straighten the ends with a straightening iron.

STEP 4: Use Rough up to accentuate and texturize the hair.