ALL NIGHT LONG | Ross Charles

Follow the steps to recreate this razor sharp, super textured long hair look by Ross Charles.

You will need

Step 1
Begin with parting the hair in a clean, crisp line down the centre of the head. Section the back of the hair and spray with a lubricant to ensure your razor glides through the hair.
Step 2
Using a 45° angle, cut the hair section above your fingers by gently sliding down the hair shaft to begin to bring in that shape to the hair. Follow this technique through with each section of hair until you are at the front.
Step 3
Elevate a crown section and direct peal cut to the desired length. Use your thumb and the razor blade to sandwich the hair and cut in an upward motion.
Step 4
Following this, you will be required to re section the hair. Take vertical sections and back comb them with the 100% cut side of a carving comb leaving the interior strands free. With the 50% cut side simply glide through the interior strands to take bulk out of the hair. This is a very effective seamless way to take the bulk out exactly where needed.
Step 5
To style you can finger dry the hair or use a diffuser for a natural textured look to really bring out all of the texture and structure you have just created within the hair. The shorter pieces inside the hair cut will act as scaffolding to support the longer lengths which will allow you to create shape and movement.
Step 6
Finish with a salt spray to add definition and movement, the Ross Charles Sea Salt Spray is perfect for this step and one of my favourites.