GET THE LOOK by Pete Burkill using Kent Salon Brushes

Pete Burkill is the talented stylist behind many trending celebrity looks. With an eye for detail, Pete’s unique vision and contemporary style has seen him snapped up by numerous celebrities and TV shows.

His reputation has spread rapidly through the industry, bringing must-have looks to leading fashion pages and blogs, whilst predicting hair trends ahead of the catwalk. Here, Pete explains how to get the look using Kent Salon brushes.

Pete says: “I love the Kent Salon range of brushes because not only do they look incredible in my kit, but they work incredibly too. Kent Salon has a brush for every eventuality, but I would never be on a shoot without my Kent Salon Dressing Out Brush (KS04) – it’s the best I’ve ever used.”

You will need


Kent Salon KS09

Kent Salon XS brush

Leaf Scissors

Kent Salon Dressing Out Brush (KS04)

Step 1

Section the hair from front to back, then working up one side using low elevation.

Step 2

Using minimal tension, with a fine-tooth comb cut a small, curved line from the ear to the front of the hairline using Leaf Scissors.

Step 3

Repeat on the other side and then section from the ear to the occipital bone, building up a finger’s depth of graduation using scissor-over-comb underneath this graduated line.

Step 4

Repeat on the other side and tidy up with clippers.

Step 5

Blow-dry using the Kent Salon KS09 and wrap dry until smooth. From there, smooth the ends with the Kent Salon XS brush.

Pete Burkill