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A Definitive Guide to Hair Extensions | Inanch Emir

July 10, 2024

Extensionist to the stars and Co-owner of an award-winning London salon, Inanch Emir is proof that hair extensions are a lucrative service to add to your menu. But whilst becoming a specialist can be a great potential revenue earner, it certainly pays to know your micro rings from your clip-ins.

This month, Inanch offers her expert insight into the abundance of different hair extension methods:

As they are attached to the hair using a hot or cold fusion application machine, these extensions are a big commitment. The polymer hair strands feature a keratin tip which is melted around the client’s own hair, creating a very strong bond. Whilst this technique isn’t as popular as it used to be, it certainly offers a secure application.

Why your clients will love them:
In my experience, this application offers the most natural-looking results. With the right professional care and maintenance, they can last for up to five months.

What your clients need to know:
This is a more expensive option as the extensions can only be used once. To avoid damage to their own hair and scalp, the client will need to return to have these professionally removed.

Micro Rings are a great way to introduce clients to extensions as they don’t involve the same level of commitment as fusion methods. Instead, these extensions are attached to the hair using small beads or rings and clamped shut with a closing tool.

Why your clients will love them:
These extensions can be reused, so they offer a more cost-effective option to the client. The attachment method is also kinder to the existing hair and less likely to cause damage if maintained carefully.

What your clients need to know:
There is some risk of the rings getting caught in hairbrushes and combs as the natural hair grows. While the extensions can be reused, they still require regular salon appointments every six weeks for repositioning.

As a full set of Micro Wefts can be applied in less than an hour, these are a great revenue source for extension specialists. Plus, they’re an ideal option for clients who have less time to spend in your chair. This method consists of taped wefts that are applied back-to-back with the client’s hair sandwiched in between them.

Why your clients will love them:
Micro Wefts are very quick and easy to apply – a full set can be applied in less than 60 minutes, including cutting and styling. The hair can also be reused, so they are more cost-effective. Finally, most Micro Wefts are virtually non-detectable, offering natural-looking results.

What your clients need to know:
These extensions are particularly high maintenance for the client. The wefts will need to be re-applied every six weeks. The glue used to form the attachment also needs to be dissolved using the correct removal solutions by a professional, otherwise damage to the hair is inevitable.

Clip-ins usually come in five-piece wefts or a single full-head piece that simply clips onto the client’s own hair.

Why your clients will love them:
Clip-ins offer a commitment-free option for clients who just want to experiment with a new look without the need for aftercare or frequent trips to the salon.

What your clients need to know:
Clip-ins aren’t right for everyone – they can occasionally cause irritation to the hair and scalp when used frequently. Also, they may not always offer the most natural finish.

This is an excellent service to offer clients who suffer from very fine or thinning hair around the crown and front hairline area (meaning they are unable to carry the weight of other hair extensions). The Volumiser is made of a silk and lace base and can be applied with a micro-beading technique.

Why your clients will love them:
This method offers an effective solution for clients who have previously been unable to use extensions. The Volumiser is colour and texture matched for seamless blending.

What your clients need to know:
Because this is a bespoke service that requires the skills of an extensions specialist, it is the most expensive method of hair enhancement. Clients will also need to return every 4-6 weeks to have the extensions adjusted.

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