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5 Minutes with Sophia Hilton

May 10, 2024

Sophia Hilton, Founder of Not Another Salon and Global Ambassador of INNOluxe, talks burlesque, Brighton and writing her own book.


5 Minutes with Sophia Hilton 2

“One of my favourite places in the world at the moment is my home in Brighton, which is a converted 19th century art gallery. What makes it even more special is that I use it to run retreats for burnt-out salon owners. I spend two days with the most wonderful people laughing and crying, and it’s the most fulfilling thing I do.”

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  1. What’s your favourite thing to do in your free time?

Oh boy, here we go… I make my own costumes and I’m a burlesque performer. I write poetry for no-one but myself. I meditate, journal and do a lot of life strategy work. I ice-skate and rollerblade. I also get drunk with my mates, that’s very fun!

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  1. Can you tell us about the inspiration behind your latest collection?

My life isn’t really about my latest collection. Although, I did recently manage to get my work on the front cover of lots of hairdressing magazines, which was pretty cool considering it’s not my focus.  Instead, my focus for the last 10 years has been about helping the industry get through some of its biggest challenges.

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  1. Can you share with us one of your proudest hairdressing moments?

I did a social media tour across the UK a few years ago and did a section on how to remove people from your life that are not serving you and your goals. Six months later, I got a message from a woman saying thanks to my course she finally removed herself from her abusive husband. That is what success looks like to me.

Quick Fire Favourites:

To EAT: At home with my husband’s pasta. He’s the best cook and really looks after me.
TO VISIT: My son’s school at pick-up time to see his little face!
TO LISTEN: Steven Bartlett’s podcast Diary of a CEO with Mo Gawdat on happiness or AI, both are mind-blowing.
TO WATCH: Any hard-hitting social documentary. I’m obsessed with people and how they live.
TO READ: Well it’s currently more writing for me… I’m writing my own book.
TO WEAR: Anything from a charity shop, car boot sale or Depop. You don’t need money to have style.
TO USE: INNOluxe FBF ( fu*ked beyond repair). I spray it in before my bleach to protect it!
TO LOOK UP TO: Garry Vee, Sally Brooks, Sarah Spears and, above all, my Nan.