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Our May 2024 Issue is Out Now!

May 01, 2024


To make our industry, and indeed the world, a better place, we all need to play a part however we can. Whether it’s volunteering, donating, organising or just being kind to a stranger, helping charities not only builds and strengthens communities, it also strengthens our personal values in the knowledge that we have the power to help improve lives.

This knowledge is also a mood-booster – it makes you feel good and is empowering to know that you’re actually helping others, even in the smallest of ways. It makes us feel happier! Hairdressers are known for being charitable, which is also probably why hairdressing is considered one of the happiest professions to work in! (Tenuous link, but I like it).

With this in mind, this issue we thought we’d give a voice to all the special people working to make our industry a better place. You can get acquainted with all the different charities doing important work for the hair and beauty industry in our Special on page 27. We have also provided a link to each one if you feel moved to donate.

I’m also here to signal your ‘ONE MONTH TO GO’ reminder to get your Pro Hair Awards entries in. If you haven’t already, it is so easy to enter – turn to page 10 to find out more and then onto page 13 where we are sharing with you what you can expect as a Pro Hair Award winner on your Winner’s Journey. By the time we’ve finished with you, the whole industry will know exactly what you have achieved!

Good Luck x


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