Flash Sale on Inspirational Minds event with Sally Brooks, Jamie Stevens and more!

May 23, 2019

The Fantastic Hairdresser has created a powerful day with nine inspirational and thought-provoking speakers (like their very own TED talk event).

Salon owners are working so hard to create profitable, successful businesses – you’re doing all the right things, trying to balance all the plates but it can be really tough sometimes. You have put so much focus and attention into keeping the team motivated, focused and committed – but what about you?! It sometimes feels like the salon owner has reached a point of exhaustion and lost some of their passion too.

This is why The Fantastic Hairdresser has created Inspirational Minds – this is why you should be there!

Inspirational Minds will:

1. Re-ignite your passion, drive and energy!

2. Inspire any team members you bring, to take more responsibility

3. Make you look at what needs to change, to protect the future of your business

Oh and, if you’ve never been to a Fantastic Hairdresser event before – just ask someone who has – they WILL put on a FANTASTIC day – guaranteed!

This event is motivational rocket fuel for anyone in the Hairdressing industry so get evolved!

See the schedule and find out all about it here: