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June 18, 2024

Apricot: Hot or Not? | Rory Antonio

colour 1

Apricot is such a stunning summer shade for 2024. The warm but playful hues are great for blondes that want to go darker, but also for darker- haired clients that want to go lighter! It’s a really good transition colour for people wanting to test out new ventures whilst still remaining on trend.

Product wise, it’s got to be MARIA NILA TRUE SOFT ARGAN OIL. It’s a really lightweight, nourishing product that helps to bring shine and life into coloured hair without being over burdening. It’s also amazing for frizz, so it’s perfect in more humid climates!


colour 2

Inspired by the ‘Quiet Luxury’ trend and taking a page from the high-fashion playbook of style and aesthetics, KEVIN.MURPHY has launched a line extension to its COLOR.ME collection focusing on smooth, natural looks. Targeting clients that are trading in high- maintenance looks and opting for lived-in, natural finishes, the six new ammonia-free shades – two MATTE, two ASH.VIOLET and two VIOLET – unlock effortless natural aesthetics by balancing warmth and embracing elegant minimalism.
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colour 3

For this look, my priority was to create something completely eye-catching. I wanted to make a colour full of warmth and boldness, specifically using placement to work cleverly alongside the light reflection. Using Joico, we went in for 5NRG 10vol on the roots with a 7cc on the mid- lengths and ends. We then glossed Joico Blonde Life Highlights with 6ccr Demi Liquid.


colour 4My favourite summer colour right now is a technique that combines a vintage brunette with delicate shimmer lights. Particularly suited to
darker hair, this trend creates soft bursts of light into deep, brunette tones
– think classic Hollywood glamour. Achieving this look requires a root melt process, which will help you transition a natural brunette base to soft highlights that add dimension and a touch of sun-kissed radiance. Stunning!

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