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The Alternative Hair Show moves to a NEW venue at EXCEL

July 04, 2019

This year Alternative Hair marks its 37th year with a new location at the ICC Auditorium, EXCEL, London, on the evening of Sunday 6th October. (One week earlier than usual!)

The Show, entitled PARODY, will feature 15 Global Artistic Teams as well as the ever-popular International Visionary Award and as always, is in aid of ‘FIGHTING LEUKAEMIA’ a charity very close to founder Tony Rizzo’s heart as he lost both his son and nephew to childhood Leukaemia.

Each section of the evening’s show will, as usual, be introduced by Alternative Hair President, Anthony Mascolo, and Founder, Tony Rizzo; who never fail to add to the excitement and attraction of the evening.

Importantly, attending the Alternative Hair Show isn’t just about inspiration, art and entertainment – although there will be plenty of this to please the audience, it’s also about the seriousness of supporting the Alternative Hair Charitable Foundation, which works tirelessly with doctors and research scientists supporting their work to ultimately find a cure for Leukaemia.

The Alternative Hair Show 2019 is proud to present the following Global Artistic Teams appearing in Parody:

Anne Veck UK

Carlo Bay Italy

Dmitry Vinokurov Russia


Ken Zhou China

Klaus Peter Ochs Germany

Laszlo Hajas Hungary

Marc Antoni UK

Mikel Luzea Spain

Rudy Mostarda Italy

Raffel Pages Spain

Saco UK

Sanrizz UK

Sassoon UK

TIGI Creative Team UK


To book your tickets for this absolutely awe-inspiring event visit www.salonshow.co.uk/bookAHS or for Group Bookings contact nicola@alternativehair.org.