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How to Maintain a Client’s Colour Throughout a Recession

May 17, 2024

It’s no secret that the cost-of-living crisis has hit the hairdressing industry hard – electricity bills have increased, salons have struggled to pay their staff and clients are coming in less frequently. Unfortunately, this is an issue affecting colourists across the country. With the UK only just escaping the recession, and with clients lengthening the time between their appointments, where do colourists go from here? We sat down with Safy B, Owner of Safy B’s Salon, to find out her tips and tricks for maintaining a client’s colour throughout the recession…

Whilst Safy is known for her exceptional colour skills, vibrant creations and dedication to client satisfaction, she has recently noticed some clients extending the time between their appointments. In a few instances, this has resulted in her having to charge a client more for the extra colour that was needed for the grown out hair, but a simple conversation at the beginning of the appointment usually solves any hassle.

How to Maintain a Client’s Colour Throughout a Recession 3

Safy explains, “If you’re having to use more product, you need to build that into the price – products are expensive! I’d recommend having a chat with your client before the service, explaining to them that more colour is required. Remember, it can be difficult to estimate prices before a consultation as you don’t always know the condition of your client’s hair until they are in front of you.”

Building good client relations is an essential factor for succeeding in our industry, so it’s important to always treat the situation with kindness,” Safy adds. “If your client is unhappy with the increased price, try your best to explain the situation to them. Remind them that you’re just wanting to get them looking and feeling their absolute best!”

How to Maintain a Client’s Colour Throughout a Recession 1

If your clients are struggling to keep their colour between appointments, recommend products that are specifically formulated to keep coloured hair from dulling and fading. Colour-saving products can keep your clients’ hair colour fresh between appointments, so they may not need as much colour when they return.

Safy comments, “Educate your clients on high-quality, colour-safe maintenance products. This may require a slight upfront cost, but it will help your client to maintain colour between visits in the long run. Personally, I’d recommend products such as Goldwell’s Colour Revive shampoo and conditioner – these add colour pigmentation when washing to maintain the colour’s freshness and vibrancy.”

Safy also recommends educating clients on the importance of aftercare. Remember, the client has just as much responsibility as the colourist when it comes to maintaining their colour!

How to Maintain a Client’s Colour Throughout a Recession 2

When suggesting colour-friendly tips, Safy recommends: “Offer guidance on washing hair with lukewarm water instead of hot water, this can strip the hair of its colour and natural oils, leading to colour fading, dryness and breakage. I’d also recommend products with UV protection as the weather begins to get a bit warmer. This will help shield the hair from any harmful rays, whilst preserving the colour’s vibrancy and preventing premature fading.”

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