Our May 2023 Issue is OUT NOW!

May 05, 2023

A Nice May for a White Wedding

From ceremony to cocktails to dinner to dancing, bridal hair plays a starring role in the wedding day aesthetic. With traditional chic, nineties minimalism, gothic nuptials and sustainable style all strong trends for the weddings of 2023, every bride has her own vision for her perfect day. Whether it’s bang on a runway trend or more of a nuanced nod, as their hairdresser you must translate the bride’s wishes into the wedding hair of her dreams. Check out our Bridal Edit on page 24 for advice and tips on timings, trends and transformations.

Did you know an estimated one in six people have experienced a common mental health problem in the past week? In light of May being Mental Health Awareness Month, our Mental Health Memo on page 14 shines a light on the mental wellbeing of our industry.

There is so much more to read in this issue: Angelo Seminara reveals how he created our gorgeous front cover for Goldwell on page 11; our columnists get to grips with client retention, complaints and employment dilemmas in the Business section, and our stand-out collections inspire with cool, consumer and campaign vibes.

There are three bank holidays this month, so plenty of time to catch up on all this and more.

Enjoy this issue!

Our May 2023 Issue is OUT NOW!