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Keeping a Bright Atmosphere In Your Salon

November 27, 2022

In the words of Armstrong, Sinatra and Bublé: When you’re smiling the whole world smiles with you. Things might feel a little blue right now but here are some tips to keep a bright atmosphere in your salon and smiles on clients’ faces, from industry friends just like you…

“For me it’s all about going that bit further for clients, we’re at a time where everyone’s budgets are stretched and those additional extras such as giving a COMPLIMENTARY LUXURY CONDITIONING TREATMENT if their budget doesn’t stretch that far and their hair really needs it can really go a long way in building client loyalty and making your clients feel valued.” –Claire Martin, CL Hair

Small things such as getting the right music playing and serving clients a choice of refreshments can help to heighten a client’s experience in the salon. If a client is in for a long period of time, we go out and bring them in a nice lunch and we also offer our clients sampling, whereby we give them samples bottles of shampoo, conditioner and styling products. These are great extra touches that clients really appreciate and by offering samples to our clients, this can also encourage clients to spend money on their hair and quality products when they next come to salon having enjoyed the samples they have received.”
-David Nicolson, Director, Rainbow Room International, Royal Exchange Square

Honestly, we are ensuring our salon stays a HAVEN OF RELAXATION, is welcoming and has a wonderful atmosphere at all times – just like usual. At the moment, we fully understand the struggles of the country. Everywhere is feeling the pinch and we want to ensure that when clients visit our salon, they are comfortable, relaxed and simply enjoy some self care, which they truly deserve. They will still receive UNLIMITED REFRESHMENTS AND SWEET TREATS, MAGAZINES to read and a chance to truly unwind – this is something we will not compromise on.” -Tracey Ann Smith, ASP Global Ambassador and Owner of French & Ivi

“In order to make things a little special, we are providing WARM HOME BAKING for our clients as a little treat with their refreshments.” –Brian MacMillan, Salon Director, F&M Hairdressing

“No matter what, my clients are my priority and I do whatever I can to make them smile and enjoy their salon experience. With times being tough for many people across ever generation and circumstance, I am doing what I can to make their visit more memorable. When a client arrives, I always ensure we have their favourite refreshment and reads ready for them at the styling station – what’s better than a hot drink and your favourite magazine? A simple gesture that goes a long way. For those who are big on social media, we are making their time with us fun by FILMING CONTENT OR TAKING TRANSFORMATION PICTURES for them to share online – it’s so simple but fun and creative. You don’t need to do the big extravagant wow factor, the little things really do count.” –Darrel Starkey Taylor’s Hair Studio

“I try and make my clients LAUGH AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE because the time in the salon is to forget about worries of the outside world and to spend time in a fun, carefree environment where they get treated to something special. It’s important to remember that being a hairdressing isn’t just about creating great hair. It’s about creating a great environment, being a friend, someone they can talk to about anything.” –Ewan Fraser, Pulp Riot Artist

“When a client visits a hair salon, it’s their time to switch off from the real world, focus on only themselves and walk out feeling fantastic. It’s our jobs to make sure all three of those happen. We’re going to STEER AWAY FROM GLOOMY SUBJECTS as much as possible. How can a client walk about feeling light and refreshed if the chat is of such a heavy nature? Let’s talk about the excitement of this time of year, seeing family, having a little extra time off work, cosy nights in, next year’s goals, the things that bring priceless joy!”
-Stacey Whyte, Director, Cheveux Salon

“We’re our client’s agony aunts, they really trust us with advice so if we can help steer the conversation down a more positive path hopefully this will encourage our clients to go home feeling happy and will want to make changes for the better. I am still investing in the team, as a business owner as much as we struggle it’s so important that this doesn’t filter down to the team. Education is huge for us and we’re always looking to fulfil our staff’s expectations because they are the driving force of the business, if they’re happy and committed that will only attract more clients and have a positive effect on the salon and the environment that we work in.”
-Brooke Evans, Owner, BE Ironbridge