Product Round Up

Jim Shaw’s Top Five Tools and Products

May 01, 2020

Products and tools play a huge part in the finished hairstyle and how it looks.

In this piece I discuss my top 5 products and tools that I couldn’t live without, what they’re great for and what looks they can be used to create…

1. Wahl Cordless Clippers – Clippers are a must have for any men’s hairdresser or barber. Cordless clippers especially allow you to move easily and quickly around your client’s hair and give more control.

These are particularly great for buzz cuts and also to cut the hair down shorter at the sides before using scissors for more precision. Also a handy tool for ensuring neatness around the throat and neck area and for blending to ensure the finished look is neat and tidy.

2. Feather Razor – I use this during a lot of my cuts as it’s great for adding texture and layers into the hair.

Layers are another trend at the moment and this tool is a great one for creating these quickly, getting rid of weight and giving the hair instant movement. 

3. 7 Inch Scissors – Scissors are a must have for any men’s hairdresser. We are now starting to move away from clippers and are focussing on using scissors for hairstyles, including styles like scissor over comb that is so on trend at the moment.

Scissors help to create more precise, clean lines and really are important to have with the current trends we are seeing at the moment in regards to men’s hair.

4. American Crew Fibre – One of my very favourite hair products – the name is in the title, fibre.

This product gives the hair texture and fullness and is great for adding thickness. I use this in a lot of the hairstyles I create to give the hair more body and love that it has a matte finish so it looks as though no product has been applied to the hair.

5. Label M Grooming Cream – A great multifunctional product, this can be used on damp hair prestyling or dry hair to finish off a look.

I like to create a lot of hairstyles with shape and I particularly love this product to use to finish the style off, ensure the shape has hold and also to give the hair shine without looking or feeling to wet/greasy. It’s a great finishing product and you can build it up to add more texture and definition as required.

Above are some of my favourite products and tools at the moment. However, two other very important products to have for men’s hair is a sea salt spray for creating those effortless, textured hairstyles with a very messy feel and also hairspray for hold specific looks in place and provide shine.