Sleek Prom Style with DAFNI Allure

You will need

DAFNI Allure
Step 1

First part the hair into a deep side parting. Section away a triangle from parting to recession to reserve for creating the waving.

Step 2

Smooth the rest of the hair over with the DAFNI.

Step 3

Brush the smoothed hair back and twist into a chignon and pin into place.

Step 4

Now with the front section, take angled sub sections from the bottom and work, twisting the DAFNI allure all the way through the hair to create a large curl/wave.

Step 5

Once each angled section has been curled with the DAFNI, comb it into the waves and pin to set into place.

Step 6

Once set spray with hairspray to hold, if there is a long section pull this back and wrap around your chignon. Finish with more hairspray and shine spray.

Step 7
You have your finished look!