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When hair care meets self-care | Mewies & Co

October 15, 2020

Dan Mewies, founder of Mewies & Co in Mountsorrel, Leicestershire and Authentic Beauty Concept UK Ambassador shares his experience of creating a thriving mindful salon with the customer and community at its very heart.

A holistic customer experience

Mewies & Co doesn’t view itself as a salon; it’s a hair spa. This ethos of holistic care extends beyond hair and informs everything they do. By embracing a holistic approach to customer service Mewies & Co has created a customer experience that has a truly different feel and in turn they’ve created a very individual salon.

“We’ve spent a lot of time researching and understanding our customers’ wants, needs and lifestyle and this has informed every element of Mewies & Co’s mindful offering. From our product partner, to the interior design and the services offered, our clients are at the heart of every decision made.  Our business growth is built on a client’s journey and salon experience. We have always listened and responded to our clients and been mindful of opportunities in order for us to fulfil our vision for Mewies & Co.”

“Our dedicated team is at the heart of our business and the customer’s overall experience. It’s so important for the whole team to share the same vision for the salon and our long-standing team who tend to our client’s needs and provide each bespoke service – they are ultimately the reason customers return time and again.”

Mindful by design

Mewies & Co’s mindful approach to hairdressing is also reflected in its design.

They’ve created a hushed, spa-like nordic design using natural materials, rustic finishes and earthy green walls to complement the greenery throughout the salon and in turn reduce stress levels and aid the mindfulness ethos practiced.

“Taking cues from our product line, Authentic Beauty Concept, and inspiration from one of our favourite places, Ragdale Hall Spa, we’ve provided customers with a soothing atmosphere, created a dedicated hair spa to feel like an independent retreat and maximised space for clients to relax and unwind.”

“The building which we fully refurbished last year reflects our values and is just beautiful. This ethos extends to the respect we have for the building and we’ve sought to maintain its integrity and many of its original features. As a former coaching house, it would have been at the heart of the neighbourhood – and that’s something we’ve looked to restore through our open-door policy inviting local like-minded businesses to join us in creating a wellness hub and in turn offering our clients a more holistic experience and securing our place as an integral part of the community.

We don’t view ourselves as a salon; we’re a hair spa

Working with Authentic Beauty Concept products in the salon, Mewies & Co has built a tailored hair spa to offer a holistic experience that reflects the ethos of the brand. Here, clients receive a bespoke hair spa experience with their prescription of haircare and treatment.

They also receive a head and hand massage with essential oils, eye mask, tranquil music and flat backwash allowing them to truly escape the world and enjoy being in a retreat for a few hours.

“Clients love the tranquility of appointments and the uplifting experience that a visit to the spa brings. Our clients tend to visit for a couple of hours of rest and relaxation – not just a cut or colour which allows us to really look after them and allows them to step into our world for the full Mewies & Co experience.”

Building a like-minded community

Mewies & Co has a strong sense of community. They work with local-like minded businesses to provide a diverse offering of services to their clients – both as part of the salon and as a hub for those passionate about a mindful lifestyle.

There’s a yoga studio which provides classes most days of the week, run by a local practitioner and another guest space rented to local businesses that have a similar ethos – it currently hosts services including acupuncture, meditation and reiki.

They also work with local independents including a fruit and veg shop and vegan café to provide clients with healthy snacks and local mocktails.

“If you’ve got extra space, look out for local businesses that might not necessarily have premises yet but will complement your offering and your brand values and invite them in to build a real, organic community.  It’s a win-win for each other’s like-minded customers too.”

“We work with local businesses to raise mutual awareness for each other and in turn promote our area.  Don’t think of it as competition – think bigger than just your own business – it’s almost a placemaking exercise. We’re fortunate to have Leicestershire’s only Michelin star restaurant on our doorstep and along with a number of other independents – we’re all working together, fostering a sense of community, purpose and connection to put our village, Mountsorrel on the map.”

Dan’s passion to really understand the customer, sense of community, strong relationships with local businesses and authentic belief in what he’s creating as a business marks out Mewies & Co as a truly different hairdressing space.


  • Introduce the right product brand that suits your ethos
  • Educate your clients and offer services that are not normally available
  • Build a community with other like-minded businesses to grow your spa
  • Educate your team and let them experience your clients journey