TIGI Inspirational Youth Show 2018

November 21, 2018

Set at the famous Café de Paris cabaret club in London, TIGI Founder and International Artistic Director Anthony Mascolo presented this year’s TIGI Inspirational Youth Team to the industry, friends and family.

Amy Lynn of Bad Apple, Rebecca McKay of Andrew Collinge, Rebecca Stradling of Molbys, Marc Hensman of Mesart, Dana Hoek of Regis, Claire Thorpe of Scots, Megan Nicholls of Inkfish, Jasmine Dewar of Muse, Adam West of Forresters and Lesley Farrell of F&M all took part this year.

In the culmination of a five-day intensive boot camp guided and mentored by the TIGI International Creative Team, the Inspirational Youth members took to the stage to create hair on models and present photographic images taken as part of a final shoot. Christel Lundqvist and Akos Bodi quizzed them while they worked; giving the audience an insight into the week of education they were lucky to be part of.

At the end of the show, each of the young talents were presented with a certificate to commemorate their life-changing journey before dancing the night away, celebrating their achievements with family, friends and colleagues.