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The Great Italian Journey | Great Lengths

April 02, 2020

Inspired by the cultural experience of the 19th century, the new Great Lengths campaign recalls the time artists from Northern European countries ventured to Italy for its warm light, bright colours and most of all, its ancient heritage and tranquil lifestyle.

The campaign title is a tribute to the German Goethe’s masterpiece, “Italian Journey”, a best-selling travel literature classic, telling of the sweet magic of the lemon-trees land.

This highly aspirational story is about five women, coming from every corner of the world, to discover the Sicilian atmosphere, flavours, traditions and hidden gems. They explore Palermo, a treasure of historical beauty and one of the liveliest European cities. Finally, reaching an urban labyrinth, where colourful folklore is still alive whilst at the  time, an artistic rebirth is taking place.

The women wander the city through its loud markets. They meet the warm-hearted local people; they gaze across the stunning architecture of the ancient centre until reaching the beautiful beach of Mondello.

Their elegant beauty stands out against the baroque setting, their hair styles are the discreet protagonists, with its invisible fullness. Their contemporary outfits with bold patterns create a contrast with the rich décor of the environment.

Their experience is not only a real journey, but also a dreamy one. Like in a movie, they instantly travel from one place to another, highlighting symbols of the Sicilian identity: the pomegranate, meaning wealth and joy, and marbles, a traditional children’s game.

The 5 characters discover unique places, like the eclectic and unexpected Chinese Palace, or the Casa-Museo Stanze al Genio, a museum hosting 5000 glazed tiles derived exclusively from ancient Southern Italian palaces. The sound of the accordion also takes them to the Opera dei Pupi, a traditional theatre – declared part of the Unesco Intangible Cultural Heritage List.

Time and space disappear, giving birth to a deeply emotional experience, where memories of a cheerful time in the past melt with an endless present. The graphic and musical choices highlight this aspect by giving the narration a touch of a retro look & feel.

The enhancing of everyday, natural, personal beauty goes on. And it’s still “Hair Like You”.

The Great Italian Journey | Great Lengths 1