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Protect your employees and clients with highly effective UV-C disinfection by TUNGSRAM

June 28, 2021

UV light technology is one of the most effective sanitation tools available today to destroy the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-19 and all other viruses and bacteria.

The technology is not new; companies such as the 125-year-old Tungsram Group have an almost century-old history with UV-lighting.

Tungsram UV-C Sanitizers are made in the EU offering an affordable and environment-friendly way to sanitise items handled frequently by numerous customers and different members of staff, reducing the risk of cross-contamination in a salon.


No known micro-organism is resistant to UV-C light. The disinfectant properties of UV-C technology helps hair salons to provide a clean and safe environment for customers and employees by effectively sanitising products and every-day tools such as scissors, brushes, combs, hair straighteners, razors, hair clips or fabric items including PPE, towels, cushions, gowns or any other frequently used items.


99.99 % of known pathogens are eliminated in just 5 minutes. Sanitisers are easy to operate, no special training required.


UV light exists naturally, no harsh chemicals are used and UV lamps are fully recyclable. Confidence in the environment you create and maintain is business critical. Incorporating the regular use of the Tungsram UV-C Sanitizer into practice will help strengthen your reputation as a professional and responsible hairdresser – offering you a point of difference from the competition.

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