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Professional Hairdresser’s Sustainability Pledge

September 20, 2019

Growth in the sustainable, organic and natural beauty market is at an all-time high as consumers seek out products that deliver on trust, integrity and sustainability. This pattern really started in the food sector but it’s now building momentum in the hair and beauty industry, with consumers increasingly questioning what is in their hair and beauty products. Millennials and Gen Zs are a big focus as they are now making their own purchasing decisions, with the environment in mind, so therefore the growth of conscious consumerism will only rise.

With this in mind Professional
Hairdresser is launching a new
sustainable initiative called Sustainable Salon Life across all our platforms with a live event tied in with Pro Hair Live called Sustainable Salon Live. This exciting new initiative is to help you, the salon owner, understand and adapt to a more sustainable business lifestyle and to embrace conscious consumerism which may well be driven by your clients, whilst at the same time doing your bit to help the planet!

So we have dedicated the September issue to Sustainability and from this issue we have pledged to print all future issues on recycled paper:

“Professional Hairdresser is printed on Ultra Mag Plus, which is a 100% recycled based paper grade. Certified under all ISO environmental standards and also sold under the Blue Angel, Nordic Swan and EU Eco labels, the mill (Leipa) can produce up to 530,000 tonnes of magazine paper, while promoting the sustainable use of raw materials, water and energy and utilising only a minimum percentage of process chemicals.

Currently, for the production of all magazine and packaging papers, Leipa use more than 1.5 million tonnes of recovered (printed and unprinted) paper per year. No primary or virgin fibres are used in the production of their products.

The use of water (a vital element in paper making) is reduced and used several times through the mills closed-loop water circuits and when returned, due to multi-phase water filtration, is cleaner than before extraction.

Energy consumption is also reduced by using waste heat recovery and other innovative technologies, which also lessen emissions and pollution.

On the latest WWF third-party audited scorecard, Ultra Mag Plus received a rating of very good, with five out of five for forest and water performance and four out of five for climate. This gave the grade a total percentage rating of 84%, which is very good. Lowest rating areas were CO2 emissions, 13/20 and waste to landfill 6/10.” Matthew Valentine, Antalis Ltd.

Let’s all start taking small sustainable steps #sustainablesalonlife #sustainablesalonlive

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