April 04, 2022

What makes Sens.Us MC2 so special? 

MC2 Hair Colour is a professional permanent colour with its own unique formula made up of 93% natural ingredients, without containing ammonia, PPD, parabens, silicones or added resorcinol. MC2 works while ensuring maximum coverage, shine, softness and colour durability. 

Enriched with Ecocert-approved Quinoa and Acai berries associated with the innovative Active Revitalizing Complex ARC. 

Trust that your clients receive the best possible care for their hair – transforming dull colours to beautifully vibrant hues with a truly sustainable brand.

Why choose ARC? 

ARC, also known as the ‘Active Revitalizing Complex’ is a blend of *biomimetic vegetable amino acids that mimic the purpose of a natural keratin structure. Therefore, strengthening and rejuvenating the hair. ARC is optimised to interact at a molecular level in the hair, enabling restoration of hair fibres. 

*Biomimetic – this is the method known for using synthetic methods that can mimic a natural biochemical process (protein synthesis). 

Why choose Quinoa? 

Quinoa contains natural proteins that work to protect and condition hair, prolonging the durability of colour. Quinoa is quickly becoming known for its versatile abilities within the hair care industry. On a molecular level, it is small enough to penetrate the hair shaft whilst still being large enough to perform its duty of coating the outside to enhance strength and colour protection. The additional shine is a welcomed bonus! 

Why choose Acai? 

Acai berries are rich in phytosterols (naturally occurring compounds found in plant cell membranes structured almost identical to the body’s cholesterol), fatty acids and Vitamin C. In cosmetics, they are useful for their emollient and invigorating properties. This means they can naturally smooth and soften the hair and moisturise. 

MC2 is available in a range of 91 shades. 

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