NHF Talks | It’s all about front of house

October 31, 2019

Training and appreciation for your reception staff is the key to success in your salon business.

A well-trained front-of-house team who feel valued and appreciated will make an amazing difference to the success of your business, says NHF/NBF chief executive Hilary Hall.

“The look and feel of your reception area is equally important – so make sure the design of your reception space reflects the overall look and feel of your salon, including mood lighting. Aim to make it a calm and uncluttered space with room for all-important touches such as fresh flowers and a bowl of sweets.

A warm welcome

“Your receptionist should welcome clients with good eye contact and a friendly smile. Using the client’s name when greeting them will also make them feel valued as an individual rather than just another client,” says Hilary.

Offer good quality refreshments and snacks and make sure your waiting area is comfortable – away from draughty doors – with plenty of up-to-date magazines and newspapers.

“Colouring sheets and books for children are a thoughtful touch if you have children in your salon, either for appointments or waiting for a parent,” says Hilary.

NHF/NBF Members can download a detailed guide on how to provide an outstanding client experience:

Good goodbyes

Great goodbyes are as important as offering a warm welcome when your clients arrive. Your receptionist should make sure your client is happy with everything before asking for payment and encourage them to leave positive online reviews.

“Your front-of-house team should also invite your clients to book their next appointment before leaving the salon,” says Hilary, “and make sure they know about any special offers or discounts they may be entitled to.”

In addition, the reception team can help to boost retail sales by offering clients products that were used during their appointment.

“You can also keep a basket of irresistible impulse buys at reception,” says Hilary. “For example, travel-size products in summer or ready-wrapped gifts at Christmas.”

Find out how to make your staff retail savvy:

Dealing with complaints

Your reception team will often be in the firing line if a client wants to complain – either straight after their appointment or later on the telephone.

“Make sure your front-of-house staff are familiar with your complaints policy and know how to react if they are on the receiving end of a complaint,” says Hilary. Find out more about handling complaints:


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