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August 11, 2023

With the demand for information regarding hair loss and thinning hair at an all-time high, trichology has never been such hot news! In the first of our new series, Nioxin ambassador and globally recognised Nioxin trichologist, Mark Blake (MIT WTSIAT), shares his expertise on all things stress and hair loss…

“There’s no doubt I have seen a dramatic increase in female hair loss over the last 12 months; my clinics have never been so busy with female patients concerned about the sharp increase in hair thinning and hair loss,” he says. According to Mark, the greatest increase in hair loss and thinning has been on females around the frontal areas. The cause? In the majority of cases, it will be stress related, so it’s worth recognising the triggers.

“We really need to start talking about this more –it’s happening to more women than ever before,” says Mark.

THE 6 DS: When it comes to stress and hair loss, watch out for Mark’s six 6 Ds.

  1. Death of a loved one (this could include the loss of a pet too).
  2. Divorce or a relationship problem.
  3. Debtor financial problems.
  4. Diagnosis of an illness/medical condition for you or a loved one.
  5. Dismissal or pressure from a job.
  6. Distance – moving away or moving house.

Whilst these may be the causes of the problem, what are the solutions? “The best way for your clients to help their hair is to try everything possible, no matter how small. All of these incremental changes can add up to help the bigger problem, and hair needs all the help it can get.


  • Shampoo hair frequently, scalp health is directly linked to hair health.As a trichologist, I see more and more patients with hair and scalp problems because they don’t wash their hair frequently.
  • Consume a well-balanced diet, this is always the first step to making sure you grow the best quality hair –you are what you eat. Hair is made up of around 85% protein, so you need to eat a plentiful supply of it –the average female needs around 45g of protein a day.
  • Yoga is fantastic for hair as it can improve mental and physical health.
  • Sleep well, this allows the body to rest, relax, repair and regenerate.
  • Exercise. This is a fundamental element in keeping you healthier and happier, which is a trigger for promoting hair growth.
  • Hydrate. Water flushes toxins from the body and helps it to function more efficiently.
  • Reduce stress. Brain chemistry is a powerful element in our body that can help or hinder hair growth.
  • Sex is great for hair growth as the body releases oestrogen –this helps you relax and improves sleep.
  • Scalp health. This is directly linked to hair health, so keep your scalp in good condition. You can shampoo your hair and scalp as often as you like with good products such as Nioxin’s various system kits.
  • Scalp massage. This is a great way to help keep the blood supply to your dermal papilla – this is the part of your scalp where the hair is made and helps to promote hair growth.
  • Scalp exfoliation is something that is overlooked. A popular treatment right now is Nioxin’s Dermabrasion Treatment –it’s an anti-aging scalp service that helps regenerate and revitalise scalp skin through exfoliation.

COMING NEXT MONTH… Mark’s guide to Postpartum hair loss

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