My Pictures in Words | Bert de Zeeuw

July 28, 2023


“This collection was created by applying classic techniques in a new, updated way. The finger wave technique, for example, was created at the beginning of the last century and has been used in various ways over the years. However, by using and combining different products and tools within this technique, I was able to develop the waves in different ways and create new shapes.

The hairstyles themselves are created by cutting rounded shapes in a softer way, this allows the disconnections to softly overflow and gives the hair gets extra movement; the short hair collides with the longer layers to creating a beautiful, natural wave.

The colours are also completely personalised per model. Working with the texture of the hair, shadows have been added to create depth and lighter accents to create volume. Pastels were then applied with a freehand technique on a discoloured background.”

Hair: Bert de Zeeuw and Creative Team

MUA: Danique van Beijnum

Styling: Bert de Zeeuw

Photography: Ivo de Kok

My Pictures in Words | 'Waves' by Bert de Zeeuw

My Pictures in Words | 'Waves' by Bert de Zeeuw 1

My Pictures in Words | 'Waves' by Bert de Zeeuw 2

My Pictures in Words | 'Waves' by Bert de Zeeuw 3

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