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My Pictures in Words | Goldsworthy’s

April 05, 2024

Lumi Kin

“Simplicity reigns supreme in this collection, as it embraces the notion that less is more. Uncomplicated yet striking, the hair arrangements emphasise the natural beauty of the models, allowing their unique radiance to shine through. The subtle interplay of colour placement further enhances the depth and dimension, adding an ethereal quality to each image. A rich palette infuses the collection with an inviting and comforting aura. Soft golden hues, fiery coppers and deep brunettes create a sense of warmth and intimacy.”

Hair: Josh Goldsworthy and Sophie-Rose Goldsworthy, Goldsworthy’s
MUA: Amy O’Driscoll
Styling: Jess Larrad
Photographer: Sophie-Rose Goldsworthy