My Pictures in Words | Mark Leeson for Revlon Professional

August 04, 2023

Lights! Camera! Action! Part 1’

“Yet another amazing day on set with just some of the fabulous guys and girls from the Revlon Professional portfolio. It was great to see both Emy and Giuseppe put their session-styling skills to the test – they are both very confident hairdressers so were a pure joy to work with.”– Mark Leeson

“Mark Leeson is such an amazing all round hairdresser that it was great to work with him and get his direction when it came to ‘enough’! It’s quite difficult on set to know when to leave the hair alone, but he gave me the confidence to do just that. An absolutely great day!” – Giuseppe Manco

“It was a very good opportunity for me to work under the direction of Mark Leeson – I really enjoyed my day. I loved working with my model’s hair texture and the team of professionals throughout the day.” – Emy Roccabella


Director: Mark Leeson

Hair: Emy Roccabella @ Danilo Giangreco

Giuseppe Manco @ Giuseppe Manco

MUA: Lauren Mathis

Styling: Clare Frith

Photography: Chris Bulezuik

Products: Revlon Professional

My Pictures in Words | ‘Lights! Camera! Action! Part 1’ by Mark Leeson

My Pictures in Words | ‘Lights! Camera! Action! Part 1’ by Mark Leeson 1

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