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Financial Covid Support available through the Hair & Beauty Charity

October 15, 2020

There is much uncertainty surrounding the continuing development of Covid-19, and the impact that it is going to have on our daily lives for the coming weeks and months. This is a National crisis and will impact on all aspects of society.

If you have any health concerns, please refer to the NHS website ( for advice.

If you currently work within the hair and beauty industry, we would strongly advise you to read all related items on the NHBF website ( – which is available to everyone regardless of whether or not you are a member.

Regarding entitlement to benefits from the UK government, please visit, which will be continually updated. All government benefits will be managed over the phone for the next three months – face-to-face assessments have been scrapped due to coronavirus.

If you are experiencing extreme financial difficulties as a result of the coronavirus, our application process will be undertaken in the usual way. The form can be downloaded here

We are a small charity and have to prioritise assistance to those who need it most urgently. We cannot guarantee help for the thousands of people likely to be affected. Priority will be given to households where only one adult (working within the industry) provides the only income to the household (e.g. if you live with your partner who will still receive an ‘employed wage’, priority will be given to single parent families whose only income is dependent on their hair/beauty industry wage).

Our usual application criteria will be used to determine those most in need, and are as follows:

• Anyone currently working in the hair and beauty industries (for a minimum of 3 years); OR

• Anyone who has previously worked in the hair and beauty industries (for a minimum of 5 years, not longer than 15 years ago).

Help will be prioritised to those who:

• become ill or disabled

• have a terminal illness

• suffer mental health problems

• are homeless

• become carers for elderly relatives, children, spouses/partners or other dependents

• have suffered a bereavement, often the main bread-winner

• are without sufficient income to meet basic needs

We do not provide assistance towards:

• those with savings of £500, or account balances that consistently do not fall below £500

• those with income significantly higher than their expenditure

• business costs

• debt (incl. rent arrears, bankruptcy fees etc.)

• major house repairs or renovations

• training and equipment costs

Rest assured we have worked with our Trustees to ring-fence specific funds to try and support those most in need.