An Evening with Jamie Stevens

January 03, 2019

The Fellowship holds a night of inspiration and education to celebrate Jamie Stevens’ year as Fellowship Hairdresser of the Year.

Ahead of the 2018 Christmas Luncheon the Fellowship for British Hairdressing held and evening with Jamie Stevens to mark his reign as Fellowship Hairdresser of the Year. The celebration was held at the L’Oréal Academy in London and was an evening of inspiring education as well as a look back at his achievements.

Jamie, who owns multiple salons and has won countless awards for his hairdressing skills in women’s, men’s and celebrity hairdressing, started the evening by sharing how the Fellowship has supported his career from day one as a former F.A.M.E. Team Member. He even met his wife Megan through his involvement with the Fellowship. “I wouldn’t be the hairdresser I am today without the Fellowship,” he told his sell out audience.

Having presented seven models over the course of the evening and talked about some of his most iconic images Jamie reflected on the night saying “It was such a great pleasure to do this night and a brilliant culmination to my year as Fellowship Hairdresser of the Year. It’s a title I’ve been thrilled to win and means so much coming from the Fellowship, an institution that really has helped shaped my career and life in many ways. I’m passionate about promoting our industry and loved this platform to talk about education, inspiration and more.”