Glamoween | Devil Horns

Want to get extra insta-worthy hair this halloween but no idea where to start? Well look no further, ghd has all the inspo you need for all your scary but chic halloween hair.

You will need

Step 1

Create two ponytails on top of your head from the front hairline to the top of the head (use a large elastic which will help form the shape)

Step 2

Curl all the hair that’s left down your hair using ghd platinum+ (£189) in a push down curl, always curling away

Step 3

Curl the ponytails in one ribbon curl away from the parting (this will help you wrap the hair)

Step 4

Wrap the pony around the elastic, keeping the last 2 wraps low

Step 5

Using ghd final fix hairspray (£10.95), mould the bun into shape

Step 6

Repeat on the opposite side

Step 7

Dress through the hair that’s down with a ghd detangling comb (£7.50)