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The Rise of Pamela Anderson Blonde 

February 23, 2023

This week, we spoke to Brian Leo McCallum, owner of the ROAR Hair and Beauty salon group, on his latest trend prediction for 2023…

Pamela Anderson has always been known for her bleach-blonde hair; it is undeniably her signature style. However, with the recent release of the show ‘Pam & Tommy’, Pamela has been trending all over again thanks to the iconic blondeness that she carries off so well.

Pamela’s ultra-bright shade of blonde sits within the platinum group and appears mostly untoned. It’s definitely warm and creamy with a carefree finish. At ROAR Hair and Beauty, we have noticed an increase in clients requesting blonde. This often happens as we move towards spring/summer as people want to add some lighter pieces into their hair for that sun-kissed feel. However, this year we have noticed a steeper increase and a lot earlier than usual, it’s definitely the Pamela affect. 

Achieving Pam’s perfect blonde is never going to be easy, especially if your client has previously-coloured hair or a darker base. It will take time to gradually lighten the hair to achieve that platinum finish; the key to this trend is patience – both from you as the colourist and from your client! 

Blonde is a derivative of yellow, a colour that makes us feel happy and warm, hence the term ‘blondes have more fun’. This pairs perfectly with Pamela’s iconic, carefree, happy-go-lucky attitude! Whether or not blondes do have more fun, they do require more maintenance. However, from a colourist’s perspective, a blonde client is a lucrative client as they are likely to be booked in every 6-10 weeks for root touch ups and refresh. Don’t forget to educate your blonde clients on at-home haircare too – using the correct haircare between appointments is, of course, crucial for all coloured hair, but especially blondes as we approach summer.