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Plug in your creativity | HH Simonsen Elegant Electricals

December 09, 2019

HH Simonsen’s elegant electricals hit the UK, distributed exclusively by Passion 4 Hair.

HH Simonsen was founded in 2003 in the Danish town, Skærbæk by three hairdressers with the same mission. To create top professional hair products and styling tools for the creative, no compromise hairdresser and stylist.

They wanted to develop an assortment of professional electrical appliances which follow the trends of the hair industry and for an affordable price.

Demanding functionality, durability and safety of its tools, this was quite the challenge. Yet, the brand has created a line of tools equipped with the newest technology which protects and cares for the hair and unchains your creativity so you can create the most professional results for your client.

HH Simonsen’s elegant designs deliver exceptional performance. The assortment of tools includes everything you and your client need to create style for every occasion. Wavers, wands, stylers, dryers and more.

Each tool has double titanium and Teflon-coated plates with oils and tourmaline seal the cuticle and protect hair from damage, leaving it silky smooth and full of gorgeous healthy shine. Thanks to the sleek economic design and features such as rubber handles and touch slide temperature adjustment. HH Simonsen tools deliver performance you can rely on.

The brand knows that you want your tools to live up to your demands, and when your client buys from you, they expect the best quality.

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