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Our June 2022 issue is OUT NOW! | Are your social skills up to scratch?

June 08, 2022

Social Media has been transformative in the way you market your salon and promote your creativity to clients…

By its very nature, social media is fast-paced with a constant emergence of new trends popping up on various platforms. Keeping up with these trends as they grow in popularity is a must if you want to incorporate them into your salon marketing and get a jump on your competition.

Are you effectively serving your audience on social media?

Are you owning it on the right platforms for your brand?

Is your brand messaging on point across all platforms?

Are you creating the right content to engage with your clients?

This issue we have worked with top industry ‘digerati’ who are killing it across the platforms to show you how to have the most impact and capitalise on content to impress your clients. Is it time to change your digital landscape? Turn to page 27 to find out…