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Our April Issue is out now! | Hair, help & the Menopause

April 12, 2022

Long viewed as taboo, we are now engaging in a more acceptable and candid conversation around the Menopause. In part this is down to well-known celebrities of a certain age opening up in the media and highlighting this stage of their own hormone journey, helping to emphasise and normalise a natural process that half the population will experience.

There is also a realisation amongst hairdressers that they too have to step up their menopause-sensitive game and that the commitment is there to know how to deal with and help clients going through it.

There are certain side effects of the Menopause that are more commonly known, but hair changes and loss have been less widely discussed. Some women will experience hair shedding and for others, a more profound effect is hair thinning. As hairdressers you become hair angels for your menopausal clients: You adapt their cuts to their new hair texture and you use colour to make them feel better if the greys are getting them down and to disguise hair loss.

It is encouraging to witness hairdressers breaking the taboo, with salons training their stylists to be sympathetic at all levels and to address the Menopause with knowledge and compassion. Colin McAndrew of Medusa is one male salon owner who is doing just that and has written a welcome and refreshing piece about his approach on page 33.

Our Menopause Hair Special starts on page 27 and gives insight into what you can do to help your menopausal clients – empowering them to take control and address their menopause hair-mare!

Our April Issue is OUT NOW! | Hair, help & the Menopause