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Ouidad shares 5 reasons why curls dry out, and how to fix it

June 30, 2020

For curly girls, moisture is the key to success, but did you know that some hair care practices can make curly hair dry, frizzy and unmanageable? Curl expert, Ouidad, addresses the most common moisture zappers and how best to treat thirsty curls.

1.High pH levels and sneaky sulphates

Products high on the alkaline scale can change the natural pH balance of curly hair (which is slightly acidic), causing the cuticle to open and moisture to escape. This leaves behind dry, brittle hair that is susceptible to frizzing. Sulphates (the chemical behind the foaming action of shampoos) can strip hair of its essential oils and leave the hair feeling dried out. Stick to products with a low pH to protect the moisture balance of curls and opt for sulphate-free cleansers to gently remove dirt and product build-up while restoring essential moisture to thirsty curls.

Ultra-Nourishing Cleansing Oil Shampoo – Cleanses and restores rich moisture to all curl types.

This award-winning oil-based formula is sulphate free and features a CR-4 Repair Complex. It gently cleanses while restoring essential moisture to dry or damaged curl by mimicking the hair’s natural oils to cleanse and rehydrate dry, damaged curls. Helping curls regain softness and adds brilliant shine to curls from root to tip. The hydrating formula is ideal for those who wash their curls more frequently.

2. Skimping on conditioner

Whether curls are loose, classic, tight or kinky conditioning is paramount to maintaining healthy, moisturised curls. A lightweight conditioner is best for loose and classic curls to prevent weighing them down, and a heavier one to penetrate tight and kinky curls will help to hydrate.

Advanced Climate Control Defrizzing Conditioner – Hydrates, nourishes, and helps to repairs. Locks nourishing moisture in and frizz-causing humidity.

It’s a fact: Dry hair equals frizzy hair. That’s because curls that lack moisture look to absorb it from anywhere, they can get it-exposing them to frizz-causing humidity in the air. Cleanse and defines with anti-frizz nano technology. The pH5.5 gentle sulphate-free formula respects the hair’s natural protective barrier.

3. No prep time

Using a primer on curls before styling helps to restore moisture. It essentially ‘fills in’ some of those gaps on damaged, over-processed hair, so that products absorb evenly and, ultimately, work more effectively. Add a primer in your mix to seal in moisture and prepare the hair for optimal curl formation and less frizz.

Whipped Curls Daily Conditioner & Styling Primer

This formula wraps each curl with intense hydration, using Ouidad’s healing triple olive oil blend combined with shea butter and glycerine to deeply moisturise and nourish. Use it as an intensive hydrating conditioner in the shower or a leave-in styling primer to smooth and define soft curls.

4. Over-processing

Colouring curly hair is not off the table but the potential for damage can occur when the hair is lifted several levels above its natural tone. Curly hair is naturally porous which can affect how the hair absorbs and maintains colour, so colour with care and stick to products that work double-time to preserve colour and nourish chemically treated hair.

Ultra-Nourishing Intense Hydrating Mask Replenish and repair dry, over-sensitized curls.

Rich in natural oils, Ouidad’s deep conditioning treatment restores essential moisture to dry, damaged, or over processed curls. It replenishes parched curls with maximum moisture and instantly detangles to restores softness, elasticity and shine help prevent breakage.

5. Cotton pillowcases

How your curls spend the night can affect how nourished they are in the morning. Sleeping on a cotton pillowcase or sheets can pull moisture out of your strands and snag your curls, leading to frizzy, split ends. Try slipping a silk or satin cover on your pillow instead. Your strands will slide over it with ease throughout the night and curls will not snap and break; and it can also help preserve the definition of tight and kinky curl types.


Why Ouidad?

Ouidad is committed to providing an exceptional service that is personalised, empathetic, truthful, respectful and proud. The brand places education at the core of everything it does and is devoted to educating stylists and customers about the unique needs and solutions for naturally curly hair.

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