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Hairdressers at home | Adam Reed

February 08, 2022

This month we spoke to the uber-talented Adam Reed, about what he is watching, reading and doing in 2022.

Adam Reed draws his influences from a wide and diverse range of sources. Urban culture, typography, fashion history, the way the light plays on the buildings of his Spitalfields salon.

Whilst every day brings a flurry of inspiration, Adam has solid skills and a stellar industry upbringing at his core that make him a true all-rounder, cutting, colour, styling, men’s, session work, educating – you name it, he can do it and he’s very likely done it. Adam lives in Godalming with husband Kenny, son Riley, an extended canine family and a tortoise.

THE FILM – The Constant Gardener
An incredible film, incredible cast and relayed a very relevant message.

THE TV SHOW – Gogglebox
Watching people watch television, could not ask for anything else!

I have never made a playlist. If I want to listen to something special I’d listen to The Ray of Light album by Madonna, it’s a beautiful piece of work.

THE BOOK – A Little Life – Hanya Yanagihara
My favourite book of all time, a heartbreakingly beautiful story about friendship.

Dear Joan and Jericha It is utter filth and never ceases to make me belly laugh. Julia Davies is a true comedy genius.

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