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Hairdressers at home | Mark Leeson and Richard Darby

December 16, 2021

This month we’ve spoken to multi-award winning duo Mark Leeson and Richard Darby about what they’re watching, reading and doing this xmas …

The Book

MarkI like arty and renaissance period books, especially books that include imagery from my favourite artist Michael Angelo. He demonstrated a physical realism and intensity with colour which I find totally inspiring.

RichardReading is a luxury for me time-wise so I don’t reach for anything too heavy or demanding! I tend to grab one of James Patterson’s catalogue of crime/thriller narratives, such great storylines – I always visualise them as films. I like a book that I can pick up, read a few chapters and if I can’t return to it for a few weeks – I’m able to pick up on the storyline easily.

The Film

Mark – It’s A Wonderful Life
A movie that really makes you think about life in general and how each person makes a difference in people’s lives. It’s a real compelling and inspiring story with great acting and script.

Richard – I can’t do this!
I’m a film fan and absolutely love big blockbusters  like Titanic, Star Wars, Avatar, Pearl Harbour, Memoirs of a Geisha, The Help – and The Notebook. I’m a big softy at heart!

The Podcast

Richard – Switched on Pop
I have always been very musical and love how music envelops and nurtures your soul, so this podcast is all about how a song/music can make you feel and dissects how and why rhythmic melodies get stuck in your head. There is also a website that you can actually use to search specific songs, it’s really interesting.

The Playlist /Album

We do have similar tastes in music and enjoy a real cross section of diverse genres…

Mark – Kate Bush – Hounds of Love
This album has one of my favourite all-time tracks ‘Running Up That Hill’. Just love Kate’s unique, haunting voice.

Richard – George Michael – Older
This is my go-to playlist when I’m on holiday and want to really chill out. It’s the album I truly switch off and fall asleep on the beach to.

The Favourite Exhibition

Mark – My favourite exhibition was actually in Hong Kong when I was invited to do a show and education seminar in front of 3,500 people as part of the huge Cosmoprof Asia. I have so many attributes and inspiration from that trip.

Richard – My favourite exhibition of all time was the Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty exhibition at the V&A. His ability to capture that dark, avant garde drama from his runway shows into an exhibition was nothing short of genius.


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