Get the Multi Melt look | Matrix Artist Ambassador, Ria Kulik shows you how…

August 18, 2022

Yona’s hair had a balayage technique that was enhanced using a Matrix Multi melt technique…

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A SoColor Sync 20 parts 5M 10 parts 3N

B SoColor Sync 20 parts SPV 20 parts 9MM 5 PARTS 6RV+

C SoColor Sync 10 parts 10M 10 parts 8CG

1 Hair was divided into four quadrants and then the application started at the back of the head working forwards in diagonal sections.

2 Formula A was applied in a stretched root to the scalp area, formula B was applied in the mid-section, finally formula C was applied to the ends of the hair. The formulas were melted together using the fore and middle fingers.

3 In the front sections the technique was adjusted by using formula A as a root tap rather than a root stretch.

4 The colour was removed first using Total Results Lamination Spray and then sprayed with Total Results Miracle Creator 20 for condition, heat protection and a speedy blow dry.

5 The hair was blow-dried with Style Link Volume Builder and a round brush. Finished using a large wand and Style Link Volume Fixer