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Festival Vibes, All Day Every Day

July 12, 2023

Whether you like it or not, festival season is here, and a crucial element that has become synonymous with festival culture is the vibrant and imaginative hairstyles sported by its attendees.

For 2023, we are seeing festival-goers embracing a fusion of unconventional new trends, from whimsical colours and intricate braids to adorned accessories. We caught up with Suzie McGill, Artistic Director at Rainbow Room International, to learn some of the key trending hairstyles you can expect from client requests this festival season…

Festival Vibes All Day, Every Day

Vibrant Colour Slices

When it comes to colour for festivals this year, vibrant hues are taking centre stage. From electric blues and neon greens to radiant pinks and fiery oranges, hair colour looks will be an artistic statement that enables clients to embrace their boldest and most fearless selves. Clients will experiment with semi-permanent hair dyes, showcasing their unique personalities through an explosion of mesmerising shades, and wearing these highlighted, sliced and panelled through their hair for a fun and quirky look.

Festival Vibes All Day, Every Day 1

Braids with a Twist

Braids have always been a go-to choice for festival hairstyles, but in 2023, they are getting a contemporary makeover. Traditional braiding techniques are being combined with innovative twists and turns, resulting in intricate patterns and unexpected textures. Clients will explore fishtail braids, Dutch braids and cornrows, enhanced with playful elements like colourful ribbons, feathers, sequins and gems – and even tiny LED lights. These braided masterpieces not only keep hair under control during long days of dancing, but also turn heads and make a serious style statement!

Festival Vibes All Day, Every Day 2

Ethereal Accessories

When it comes to on-trend hair looks for festivals, it’s not just about the hair itself; it’s about the enchanting accessories that transform into otherworldly creations. Delicate flower crowns, sparkling rhinestones and whimsical butterfly clips are just a few examples of the ethereal embellishments being used to elevate festival hair to new heights. Intricately designed and embellished headpieces, feathered extensions and metallic hair tattoos are also gaining popularity, allowing clients to channel their inner goddesses and embrace a sense of mystical allure.

Festival Vibes All Day, Every Day 3

Hair Sculptures

Say goodbye to simple updos of ponytails and low-slung buns. For 2023, clients will be turning their hair into stunning, imaginative sculptures that defy gravity. We will see clients coming to the salon requesting intricately braided buns and towering top knots – these will be worn higher and have a slight avant-garde feel to them. Clients will pair these with holographic ribbons, celestial-inspired accessories and geometric hairpins, as well as lots of colour and glitter to give the looks a further creative and playful feel.

Festival Vibes All Day, Every Day 4

Textured Mermaid Waves

For those clients who don’t like updos, mermaid-inspired waves are here to stay for 2023. These look beautiful when paired with softer pastel colours and can be enhanced further with accessories like starfish charms, seashell hairpins and pearl accents for those who truly want to embrace the mermaid look. This effortless, textured style can also look incredibly chic when paired with a cowboy hat.

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