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Continuing to Care and Keeping Positive

May 14, 2020

As we are approaching week nine of lockdown, industries across all sectors are now looking to the future and the reopening of businesses up and down the UK, with hair salons one of the most anticipated amongst many.

It may not be for a while yet, but planning what we need to do and making as many preparations in advance will stand us in good stead for the future.

As we all work together in the hairdressing industry, taking advice and guidance from other countries who have opened their salons, our focus of course is on the health and safety of our clients from the minute they walk through our doors and every step along the way until the leave and then return again for their next appointment.

Everything has been considered and discussed i.e. social distancing, PPE, hygiene, staff rotations – you name it we have discussed it… and discussed it again and again.

When normality resumes (in its new form) the most important thing to myself, and the F&M Hairdressing team is to show our clients that we “Continue to Care.” During this unprecedented time, we have never felt so close to our clients.

The phone calls, emails, social engagement – the communication, which was already fantastic, has been taken to another level, and as a result we have seen a rise in new clients contact us to enquire about reopening and booking in when the time comes, whilst loyal clients have supported us in every way possible.

With the salon closed for such a long period of time, we took the decision to deliver/post products to clients in need, picked up supplies and treats for some of our elderly clients that have been shielding and personally called our clients to check in if we hadn’t heard from them since lockdown began.

All the factors above show clients that you are loyal to them, that you are committed to them and of course you care.

With this in mind, we have decided to continue our care for all clients and will be discussing with our team how to truly thank our clients and treat them when they are both in the salon and at home.

Continuing to Care may be something simple, but often the simplest gestures are the most powerful.

Quotes from Brian MacMillan, F&M Hairdressing