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Caroline Sanderson’s Top Tips for Staying in Touch

May 18, 2020

Caroline Sanderson is the multi award winning owner of Ego Hair Design and salon coaching academy Salon Jedi, and is giving away an £8000 Training Grant to 3 lucky salon owners looking to create a wildly successful business when they reopen their doors.

The 3 prizes are: 

A year inside the Salon Jedi academy 

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We asked Caroline for her top tips on staying in touch with clients in this climate…

“During lockdown our doors may be closed but it’s so important we keep communicating with our clients so they feel genuinely missed and loved.

Very early on in this lockdown our team met and agreed how important it was to stay front of our clients’ minds and show them how important they are to us.

We have sent

✔️Newsletters with updates and tips on home care 

✔️We miss you text 

✔️Set up what’s app inner circle group keeping clients close and updated 

✔️We created a team NHS clap video that gets posted every Thursday at 8pm

✔️We’ve also done a we miss you video where each team member shared a little written message

✔️Quizzes and puzzles

✔️We reached out offering calls to any clients who are maybe feeling lonely if they wanted a call and a chat 

✔️We held an online Ego Party where we invited clients to zoom with us

We’ve also done a couple of offers, one being extra bonuses if they bought vouchers and the other a lockdown revival ritual on return to the salon where they get a lovely ritual and take home care kit.

As soon as we heard the recent news of a July return as minimum we reached out to our clients with a questionnaire to see what we could do to help them, one being temporary colour shots and root sprays.

We had an overwhelming response from clients looking for these temporary fixes so now we are working on the logistics of setting up the product packages and getting them safely to them.

We have lots more going on and scheduled and have definitely not stopped marketing! As the Salon Director I made a decision NOT to put myself or my salon manager on furlough so we can still serve our clients, be there for the team, work on other salon processes, systems and improvements and plan and prepare for return.”