5 Ways Fragrances Can Boost Your Retail Business

March 15, 2024

Many clients will wear a fragrance on a day-to-day basis, but do they really know how to apply it or how to get the most from their scent of choice? With National Fragrance Day around the corner, it’s important to consider how different fragrances can boost your retail services and benefit your barbershop or salon business.  We sat down with Murdock London Master Barber, Joe Pomper, to learn his advice on how to talk to clients about fragrance this National Fragrance Day…

Talk About it:

Men are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of a grooming regime, as well as the part that fragrance plays in it. So, whether or not you sell colognes in your barbershop, don’t be afraid to start a conversation about this important element of your clients’ overall grooming regime.

Don’t Overdo it:

Ideally, a fragrance should only be applied 1-2 times a day. It’s easy for the wearer to assume a scent has worn off because they have become used to it, but it’s usually the case that other people can still smell it. So remember, applying fragrances too much or too often can be overpowering for anyone getting too close!

Work with Body Heat:

Fragrances react well with our natural body heat, so the best places to spray cologne are those areas of the body that give off the most warmth — the neck, the inner elbow and the wrist, which all act like a scent generator throughout the day.

Experiment with Different Fragrances:

Sometimes it’s exciting to mix it up and discover a new fragrance that really suits you. Encourage your clients to be adventurous with fragrances, especially if you sell them in your barbershop. Have testers available and encourage them to try different scents – you could try complementing them on the cologne they are wearing and suggest they may also like one that you stock, for example. No hard sell, just make them aware that there are alternatives to their usual scent.

Take a Deep Breath:

One of the best ways to introduce fragrances to your clients is to make sure your barbershop smells amazing. Don’t just stick to the traditional male scents like sandalwood, fill the atmosphere with hints of citrus, patchouli, and black tea — these are just some of the scents found in Murdock London’s signature line of male fragrances, including its newest arrival, Napier Cologne.

5 Ways Fragrances Can Boost Your Retail Business