Queen of the night with ghd | Loose Waves & Back Knot

Each season, ghd launches its Trend Reveal; a distilled edit of looks, designed to inspire and educate you and your clients. The Trend Reveal takes trending ideas and interprets them through the eyes of four key characters – four client types, that every salon will know and recognise. By identifying which of the four characters their client is, stylists are equipped with the knowledge and confidence required to interpret new season trends through a relevant, real-world lens – and give clients the looks they love.

This season, the overarching mood of the Trend Reveal for Autumn/Winter 19 is Mystic Queens; inspired by dark, ethereal fantasy and fusing romance and mysticism with a softly gothic mood. Hair is beautiful but with an aerated, fairytale feel, delicate detailing and otherworldly textures. This party season, the ghd Queens reclaim the night, making it a domain for self exploration, awareness and a space to centre with their spiritual self.

Meet Queen Striver 

She’s the client that’s always in Zara and happily transforms her entire look each season to reflect the trends – Queen Striver loves the high street and embraces the challenge of taking on a new aesthetic every few weeks, making her the salon’s dream client.

This season, she’s taking on the Effortlessly Ethereal trend; a loose wave with soft texture that kicks out for a youthful, relaxed feel. Worn up, the Back Knot is a loose take on an updo with a soft knot and a relaxed silhouette – ideal for shorter hair, too.


You will need

Step 1
Prep hair using a global application of ghd total volume foam, ensuring a heavy and even saturation from root to tip.
Step 2
Place a centre parting in the hair, then starting at the back, place ghd creative curl? wand vertically in the hair and twist wrap a 2cm square section.
Step 3
Keeping tension on the section, glide the ghd creative curve? wand towards the head.
Step 4
Then glide down towards the ends
Step 5
Repeat four times.
Step 6
Continue globally, wrapping the last two sections away from the face.
Step 7
Dress using a ghd paddle brush.
Step 8
Spray ghd final fix into hands.
Step 9
Massage through to soften the texture.
Step 10
Keep reading for the Back knot...
Step 11
Backcomb the crown of the hair to add volume
Step 12
Seperate the hair into two parts and tie into a knot, keeping hold of the ends
Step 13
Using hair grips, pin the loose ends to stay in place below the knot
Step 14
Carefully pull sections of the hair to bring back the volume
Step 15
Spray with hairspray to keep it in place