OCS Yellow Inspiration

You will need

Organic Colour System Clarify Shampoo and PowerBuild Revamp OCS Naturlite White and Naturlite Oil OCS 11HS and Silver Concentrate OCS Systems No Limits Semi-Permanent Yellow OCS PowerBuild Conditioner OCS Control Styling Thermal 2 Twenty Argan Oil Gloss
Step 1
Pre-Treat the hair with Organic Colour Systems Clarify Shampoo and PowerBuild Revamp. Please note: Treatment will vary depending on the Wet Stretch Test.
Step 2
Towel dry the hair and start lightening all over using Organic Colour Systems Naturlite White and Naturlite Oil. Process until the hair reaches a level 9. Then, tone the hair with Organic Colour Systems 11HS and Silver Concentrate. Process until the desired tone is achieved.
Step 3
Blow dry the hair smooth and straight with the parting how it will sit when styled.
Step 4
Starting at the nape, take a medium section (depending on hair density) and clip the rest away. With the client looking down, use masking tape to make horizontal lines which will form your stencil. Stick the masking tape to the gown not just the hair to ensure it does not move. Use long pieces of masking tape as these will act as your guide for the rest of your sections.
Step 5
Using a foam sponge or a brush, thoroughly apply colour to the hair in between the masking tape. In this case we used Organic Colour Systems No Limits Semi-Permanent Yellow which is completely free from PPD and PTD.
Step 6
Cover this section and bring down your next section from the clipped away hair.
Step 7
With your clients head still down, apply masking tape over this new section in line with the masking tape stuck to the gown from the previous section. This will ensure that all of your sections line up. Apply your colour using the same method as before. Repeat this process with the front and side sections being combed back to incorporate into the horizontal stencilling.
Step 8
Leave to process for 30 minutes then rinse off but do not Apply Organic Colour Systems PowerBuild Conditioner and leave on for 5 minutes. Towel dry and apply Organic Colour Systems Control Styling Thermal 2 Twenty and Argan Oil Gloss before blow drying and styling.
Step 9