Alfa Italia Rosa Collezione

For aspiring stylists looking for lightweight finesse, the Rosa collezione offers an effortless cutting experience. Crafted from durable Japanese 420 Steel, these scissors feature a delicate rose gold finish and a convex blade suited for all traditional cutting techniques.

SESSIONE ROSA has been designed by stylists for aspiring stylists with an eye for style. The Rosa collection combines quality finish, style and superb value in a student/graduate stylist scissor. Light weight and easy to handle.

SESSIONE ROSA EVOLUZIONE is a great value and highly popular layering texturiser gives an effortless cutting action for layering with a soft edge and flawless graduation.

SESSIONE ROSA SOFT CUT is designed to never show a cut mark, to cut the hair very short, to blend shorter to longer sections of hair and to evaporate/thin bulk and thickness of hair.

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