Alfa Italia Nero Collezione

Sophisticated, elegant, sleek. The Alfa Italia Nero Collezione has been ergonomically designed for a comfortable and natural cutting experience during long, demanding styling sessions. Boasting a high gloss finish and fine arched handle, this collection is the perfect addition to any professional kit.

SESSIONE NERO is designed with comfort and ergonomics in mind, this fuller bodied, rigid, hand finished convex blade is an excellent 'all rounder' for the experienced stylist.

SESSIONE NERO EVOLUZIONE is designed to deliver an effortless all-in-one cutting action for flawless layers and graduation. Its smooth teeth and curved blades give super soft graduation and replace the need to 'texturise' after the main haircut.

SESSIONE NERO SOFT CUT is designed to cut very short, to blend shorter to longer and to evaporate/thin the bulk and thickness of hair with no blade marks.


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