Top tips on what makes a great process image

June 30, 2022

“We’ve all watched videos and seen images that show the process of achieving that must-have colour. Shooting process images is an important part of showcasing your work on social media as you can show your technique better which is especially important if your audience is mainly hairdressers. Not only does it help with engagement, but everyone loves a satisfying video of a process colour. It also helps to show that your clients always look fabulous at the salon even with the colour on. You can easily use this to show your creativity on a different level to inspire both clients and hairdressers. Check out #processporn on Instagram to see how it works for salons around the world.”- Pedro Plastic, Pulp Riot Educator

Lighting is very important as you should only post images not only with as much light as possible, but also the right lighting for the colours. You don’t want your colour to look dull.

A focused image and a tidy background are a must. Use your station in the background as it looks more organic and spontaneous.

Make sure that your colour is neat and the skin and gown of your client is perfectly cleaned from the colour cream. No one wants to see a messy colour application!

Every time you do a rainbow colour take a picture of the process to make your social media page more diverse in content. You can also create a reel where you show the before, the process, the rinsing of the colours and finally the final result. It’s great for your audience to see the entire colour journey.

Focus on the sides that you like most and where you can see most of the colours. The clear rinse videos with the Pulp Riot Semi Permanents are absolutely insane and it gives you a lot of engagement as you’re washing all the colours together without any bleeding.

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